Welcome to my little blog. I’ve actually intended to start writing for nearly 5 months. I’m a perfectionist by nature (that’s a whole other post we can dive into later) and didn’t know the “perfect” way to start . Let’s just start with an introduction. Hi, I’m Katie (insert awkward interaction and my ever-present RBF).

In 2003, I met a boy named Alan…at a bar. A lot of good stories start that way, no? Well, that’s how this one starts. While I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a “city girl”, I definitely was/am (?) no farm girl. I did go to small town high school and grew up around plenty of farm land, saw my fair of big green tractors in the fields, but I had no clue what being a farmer meant. I was more of a subdivision girl you might say. Well, this farm boy swept me off my feet, into a tractor and we were married in 2005. In case you didn’t know, when you marry a farmer, you move out to the farm. So that’s what I did!

Our wedding day 11.12.05

In 2007, we welcomed Alyvia & in 2010 our son Colson was born. The baby, Kendall, joined us in 2012. We recently moved into what we are calling our “forever home” this past November. Just a few weeks ago, we added 8 sheep to our farm (you’ll meet them later)-an ever expanding 4H project that my husband and kids have big plans for!

November 2018

So there you have it, our farm family. I hope you enjoy getting to know our family, a peek into our farm life and that my social (media) awkwardness doesn’t frighten you away! Until next time….


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