I keep seeing this article shared on social media and it’s been nagging at my brain all week. Judging by the amount of reposts I’ve seen, my opinion will be unpopular. It’s ok, I’m used to that.

On the surface, the message of the article sounds great, if not a bit idealistic. Tables full of amazing women rooting every other woman on. Rooting so hard that there is no time left for negativity about anyone!

I mean, I’m slightly cynical, but have you ever met someone who fulfills those qualities 100% of the time? Jesus is the only one that comes to my mind. The rest of us? Well, we’re human and we’re going to mess up.

So if you’re at my table and you start talking smack about who wronged you and why, I’m not going to leave. I’m staying with you sister. You’re my friend and I’m gonna be yours. So much so that I might tell you to quit acting like a total B!^@# And guess what? I’m going to screw up too. And you might talk to another friend about that. Hopefully you’ll also talk to me about it and keep me accountable for being a good friend and a good human.

We don’t all need a new table. Sometimes we just need a little loyalty. To practice love when our friends get real and raw with us. Life is hard. The girls at my table, we’re not perfect. And if you mess up sometimes- if you let jealousy, anger or hurt cloud your judgement …well, you’re welcome to sit at my table too. I’ll be there for a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen and probably an ill-timed joke due to my social awkwardness. And I’ll give you a hand to hold when it’s rough or maybe to smack you and tell you to get it together. Either way, I’m choosing to stay.

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